Why Choose Vinyl Products?

Vinyl products are becoming a more and more popular choice when thinking about outdoor railing fencing and decking. Vinyl systems have been raising in popularity in the last 15 years as solutions to traditional wood systems. But why is vinyl so popular?

Since vinyl products are UV protected it never needs to be painted. The colors are layered throughout the vinyl so that scratches and nicks are virtually invisible. Vinyl products will not rot, rust, decompose or shrink like wood or iron systems.

Vinyl products are steel reinforced which makes them much stronger then wood and aluminum products. Also vinyl products are more flexible than wood and aluminum products which allows it to absorb impact and everyday run-ins.
Keeping vinyl railing looking brand new can’t be easier. Most blemishes such as dirt can wash off with the garden hose or even the rain. When it comes to paint or graffiti, using acetone or lacquer thinner will get the vinyl looking brand new.

The main con of vinyl is the cost. Vinyl tends to carry a higher per foot price than wood when looking at the initial cost. However when factoring the over year servicing that both products will need vinyl cost less, hence why vinyl is the better long term investment.